Welcome to The Playground

"A Healthy Outside Begins on the Inside" ~ Robert Urich

Welcome to The Playground

This group was inspired by the experiences we had on the playground when we were kids.

Through play and interactions with others we learned: 

How to connect with others

What we enjoyed and maybe not so much    

How we fit into a group of friends and strangers alike    

To explore our identities by trying new things    

How our bodies were capable of amazing feats    

What brings us joy

As we move into adolescents and our teen years, we are often no longer welcome on the playground. We also begin to feel some disconnect from the groups we played with for so long. People are changing and finding new spaces in the world, but some of us struggle to find that sense of true belonging.

We may be able to fit in, but never regain that sense of freedom to be our authentic selves like we could on the playground.

The Playground is an online wellness community for teens, tweens, & their moms who feel "unseen" to reconnect with themselves and step into their true identities. 

Here you'll find tools that bring nourishment to the body and soul and help you align with your authentic self. 

It is here to help us BECOME who we are meant to be and on our own terms.

We know that having our moms on board and supporting our transitions is key, and so the Playground also has a space for them.

Many of us are also navigating a new path where either our teens are struggling and we don't know quite how to help, or their experience is triggering our own experience from those years, and that emotion is getting in the way of seeing their needs clearly.

In addition, we're moving through a new season in our own lives that reflects what our daughters are going through. The physical changes in our bodies, and the emotional changes where we are questioning if we're living our own authentic lives, or if we need a bit of a reset to get back on track.

In order to support our teens' journeys, we need to also support our own wellness needs. The Playground has always been a place for parents to connect and support each other, and to learn new approaches to parenting - including health and wellness. 

The Playground is kind of a Health 2.0 class, where we focus on all the different wellness factors to help teens transition from childhood to adulthood. 
We go beyond the basics of nutrition and PE, and bring in socio-emotional learning to help our teens (and us as moms) finally understand how to make health functional and apply it to our lives. It's an experiential process where teens can hop from interest to interest, try new things, and find out the best tools that keep them aligned, nourished, and engaged in play.

The Playground has spaces specifically to help teens explore their interests around health and wellness, connect to like-minded teens, and also provide support for their moms. Because we all know that having a supportive team, is the foundation to moving into your authentic self and letting yourself be seen.

This space is open to any mom or teen who feels that this group speaks to you. We speak about issues related to boys, girls, and those who fall in between. The key goal of The Playground is to support both moms and teens and follow your lead to grow.

If you are called to join us, you are welcome!

What You'll Find Inside

  • A private community web platform and mobile app that is fun to hang out on and where you can join separate circles to dial in your play and find other members near you and with similar interests.
  • A new focus every month to keep it fresh, keep us exploring, and help you to live your best life
  • Weekly Live Classes focusing on movement and mindset that explores wellness in a fun and approachable format.
  • Monthly Member Calls to help you connect with others in our community and get your questions answered. We also host movement sessions, nutrition lessons, virtual game nights, book clubs, slumber parties, webinars, and other fun ways for you to learn new skills and try new things
  • A growing library of resources and courses designed for teens, tweens, and parents of all ages to help us through all of the transition years and help us build a foundation of health at any age.
  • A supportive and friendly community who are ready to start living life on their terms and create their own rules
  • Interest-Specific clubs and spaces* for us all to learn together and support one another.
  • A totally customizable community where you decide what you see, follow who and what you want to, and basically choose your own adventure. This is not another Facebook group
  • Member discounts on 1:1 coaching with The Playground founder Beth Jones and more

*on paid membership plan

Join Us Today!

Set your teen up on a path of being confident in their identity and goals, with a foundation of wellness tools to fall back on when they get out of alignment. 

Help them step out of the shadows and be seen, and know that you are by their side and supporting them on the path to chasing their dreams. 

They'll be getting the tools to know how to support her physical, social, and emotional health that they can use now, but also call upon in the future when new obstacles arise. And you never know, you might pick up a few things to help you on your own journey to rediscovering your own identity as you move through midlife.

Join now for free, and then you'll have the option to upgrade to our All-Access or Focused Group Coaching Plans to get the most out of our community for a low monthly fee.

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